Monday, May 6, 2013

5 Pretty Elements: Trip to Teramo

As I said on my facebook page, I have been on holidays for 9 days: Stefano and I went visiting his family to Teramo, his hometown in Italy.

On the road to...Teramo
The city is located in Abruzzo, Central Italy (about 2 hours from Rome..). I absolutely love Abruzzo and Teramo. The landscape is so different from my own home town! Abruzzo has mountains and hills, while Puglia is plain and surronded by lovely beaches, so I don't get tired of looking around and simply relax.

I really enjoy going back to Teramo but, as it happens every year, the time flies by too quickly :(

Below my list of 5 things I love about Italy, Teramo and our holidays there.

1. The place
Beautiful! Look at the mountain behind the city, it is the "Gran Sasso". Doesn't it look like a big giant? :) that's how local people name the mountain: the sleeping giant.

2. The food

Well...I haven't met a person so far who said that they didn't love italian food :) I'm not going too much into details about all the gorgeous plates I had last week, but I want to mention the speciality above: Le Virtù! This plate is original from Teramo and it is cooked only on the 1st of May! 

The recipe has very old origins: Local farmers used to collect all vegetables left from the old season and mix it together with meat and pasta. Basically this plate contains all sorts of vegetables and legumes, several meats (including small meatballs),spices and different types of pasta. It takes minimum 3 days in order to prepare everything (!!) and the mixture must be perfect..that's probably why they only do it once a year ;)

It was the first time I ate "Le Virtú" and I have to say it is superb!

3. The joy of Family

Living abroad means you don't get to see your family so often :(  

It is no surprise that when Camilla and Francesco get the chance to see their uncle...this is what happens! Hair is transformed into crests, hide and seek is played for hours (because Stefano can't find them..) and the house is filled with screams and laughs :)

4. Supermarkets

I miss italian supermarkets. 
They always smell of clean, the shelves are organised perfectly, the products they sell are amazing (look at those biscuits mmmh).

Many of those products are not available here in Spain or they do not really taste the same :(

5. Coffee

Mmmh! A nice and sweet cappuccino! 

Breakfast was always a pleasure :) Cappuccino and Cornetto or Espresso and Saccottino...whatever you choose the success is guaranteed!

Not only coffee is delicious, but also the pastries and cakes are exquisite! If you plan to go to Italy, don't miss the breakfast and enjoy all those cakes! 

You will gain few pounds, but you won't regret it ;)

I'm looking forward to my next trip to Italy, this will be in July and we will be visiting Puglia :)

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  1. stopping by from WW from A sorta Fairy tale, what a great trip memories.


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