Thursday, May 9, 2013

Breakfast Nook Inspiration

Something I simply love in a house is the breakfast nook.

A place where the family meets every morning and shares the first hours of the day together :)

The following are my favourite breakfast nooks so far:

Pinteret via Daniela on to For The Home
I like the white/yellow/blue combination. It makes me feel quite and peaceful: an excellent start for the new day! The flip flop wall arts give a touch of summer time: perfect for those houses near the coast (erhm.. mine for example).
White and Blue combination! This breakfast nook is small but looks very intimate and comfy. I like that the table is surronded by windows: imagine having brekfast while looking at a nice and sunny day.
You might have understood I like white breakfast nooks :) This one in particular makes me feel like I would have breakfast in a typical american cafe every morning :)

Pinterest via Daniela on to For The Home
Wouldn't you like to have breakfast here? I like the green walls and white table, the bench under the windows and the fact that the pillows match perfectly.

I would perfectly see this breakfast nook in a countryside house :) I like the way the colors have been mixed together and all the details that makes it rural and delicate.

This is were we currently have breakfast:

It doesn´t have any white but I like it as well :) 

I have many orange stuff in my kitchen and I am trying to combine them with teal/aqua colors. My kitchen has windows as well so I can enjoy my coffee while the sun is shining inside (the curtain is usually up ;)!!)

As you can see in the back, we are fanatics for coffee and have our Nespresso machine ready for use (although Stefano uses it more..i am classic and keep using my old fashion mocha) ;)

Do you like my breakfast nook and the ones I get inspired from?

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  1. Those are beautiful nooks. Thanks for sharing. Linda

    1. Thank you Linda. I'm glad you liked them too :) Daniela


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