About me

I'm Daniela.. This one:

I finally decided to create the blog I have always wanted!

I am an Italian girl living in Spain since almost 7 years. I am passionate of fashion, home decor, crafts (I am a novice but also a fast learner!) and owls....I'm absolutely obsessed with decorative owls! My house is full of them - I am sure I will make a post about them very soon ;)

Few things you might like to know about me:
I am honest and I like honesty, I speak three languages: Italian, English and Spanish, I thought I didn't like to cook until almost 1 year ago I found it I didn't dislike it at all!, I admit I own too many shoes and bags but that doesn't stop me from buying them.

My home is formed by me (the girl above), Stefano - my amazing partner-, Mozzichino - our lunatic cat- and Canito - our clumsy dog - 

Here we are:

 And here they are:

 Nice, aren't they? -cough cough-

I hope you will find my blog to be a nice place where we can share our ideas, thoughts and.. recipes - slurp :)


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