Sunday, March 22, 2015

Me, My Shoes and Cross Fit

I am on a new adventure in the Sport department..I have joined a Cross Fit gym - it's been a month already and you know what? I still like it {WOOOOOOOOOW}

Friends and family know that my favourite hobby is actually lying on the sofa reading a book or two (ok, not always..I also play volleyball once a week), so my eagerness for Cross Fit is leaving people wondering if I have:

a) been abducted and brainwashed by aliens;
b) gone through a mid-life crisis before hitting the 30s;
c) ate way too much Nutella that somehow affected my brain.

I am aware that all above options might be realistic if applied to my case, but Cross Fit is exciting and the fact that someone follows me and tells me exactly what to do is good for my lazy mind!

There are so many different exercises, I rarely repeat them during the same week.

Some of the exercises involve this:

Taken from Pinterest
Don't think that's easy!! That tyre is my nightmare and after the 20th time I have flipped it over I can't feel my arms. When I finish the exercise I feel strong like Ivan Drago in "Rocky IV" with his famous sentence: "Ti Spiezzo in due"  or as he originally says "I must break you"...but I prefer the Italian translation of "I will break you in half".... we Italians are so romantic.

The other day I was so lucky that the trainer made me do this:

Taken from Pinterest

If my memory serves me right, my tyre was slightly bigger and I wasn't carrying any weight with my hands. You basically have to walk fast or run, dragging the tire behind you..
::I hated this exercise with all my heart. ::
When I finally reached the seventh line, my face was completely red and my butt wanted to leave my body and go home alone.

Now, one of my favourite exercises is this one - I suggest it to everybody as form of stress release:

Taken from Pinterest
Oh yes... I thought Kick Boxing was stress releasing, but this exercise is actually better. When the exercise is over you will surely have trembling arms, but it is worth it.

Since I spend a lot of time sweating and with a red face, I decided that I deserve to wear lots of nice things :)

That's why I ended up with 5 pairs of trainers (let's not talk about the several shirts and pants that I have added to my collection so I could combine them with the shoes):

I'm afraid I am partial to Nike shoes....they fit me extremely well!

I use my black trainers, mainly for volleyball matches (sooner or later I will post something about my volleyball team):


Reebok Strenght PW3R - found them here for $69.99 


Then we have the good "oldie" trainers:

This is the "oldest" pair I've got and they still hug my ankles perfectly!

We also have the newbie, I bought them last week:


NIKE DUAL FUSION 3 MSL W - € 84,94 -  you can find them here


They already got a taste of Cross Fit  and survived the experience successfully.

I really don't know why I bought the following ones, but I ended up liking them as well (I swear):

Nike FREE for boys (erhm..they fit me anyway) - I found them here for $89.99 

Last ones are kind of my favourite and I bought them in New York:

I've ruined them a little :( but Stefano said that they looked better now {I don't think he is a big fan of orangy shoes}.

Nike FREE Balanza - $100,00 - I only found them here


Even Canito likes my trainers, although I am pretty sure he just wanted to appear in my pictures:

Finally guys, the morale of the story is: If I have to get all sweaty and red faced, at least I do it with style and colour coordinated!

Until next time,