Wednesday, May 22, 2013

5 Pretty Elements: Flip Flop BBQ

Few days ago I wrote about a BBQ we have organized with some of our friends! I named it Flip Flop BBQ because I asked my friends to show up in flip flop since we had to stay outdoors.

We have a nice BBQ in the garden and wanted to use it asap :)

BBQ station is ready to work!

We prepared the BBQ station for Antonio (Thank You Antonio for not complaining about the task we assigned you ;) ) and a buffet for my calzoncini, salads and tea/beers.

5 things I loved about the BBQ

1. Quality time with Friends

It's nice to spend some quality time with friends especially during a nice and warm day! Sometimes you feel like you don't have time to stop and relax a bit, but when you really surely don't regret it.

And during Summer time.. relax is assured!

2. Food 

Yes.. food too! The classic sausages, hamburgers, brochette but especially the collaboration between friends in preparing something to share.

I had organized a table for my calzoncini, salads and bread (Thank you Sunneva and Kasia for the amazing salads):

We also had a mini fridge for the beers ;)

3. Nice weather

We were blessed with a nice Sunday afternoon! I actually had to take the sunscreen out..

He needed sunscreen too:

4. The garden

As I previously said, we love the garden ;) and I wanted to share with you 2 picture I have taken during the BBQ:

Nice, aren´t they? I thought I had lost my roses until I realized that something new was opening up :)

5. Canito's friends

Canito got to spend some quality time as well with Raki and Amos.

This is how they spent their afternoon:

... They also played a lot ;)

Until next time,

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