Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Organised places, Organised minds: Drawer Organising tips


It's time for a session of:
Today, I want to share with you how I have organised clothes in our 4 drawer dresser:

Ugh..I need to seriously decorate my bedroom!

I personally have many clothes, but Stefano isn't kidding anybody!

Let's start from the shirt department:

Daniela's drawer:

everything in its place

On the left I have organised plain T shirt - the once I use in the house or for outdoor activities -  and also shirts with longer sleeves [10 points to whoever spots my refash shirt here ;)], while on the right and central side I have organised my shirts by color - I am not OCD but this way makes it quicker to pick the shirt I need! 

I try to fold them as neat as possible so they won't get any crease!

Stefano's drawer:

Look how organised Stefano is! I am proud of him :D

He owns a million sport shirts but they are neatly folded - I still don't understand why he needs to have 4  [yes 4] identical shirts of his favourite football team....at least they're folded right?

Let's move to the underwear department:

Daniela's drawer:

 I bought these boxes from Ikea, and they are perfect organisers. I always had messy underwear drawers but this time it's perfect! I no longer lose any sock, and everything is folded and easy to find.

Stefano's drawer:

I'm afraid Stefano buys so many socks because I always make one sock disappear!

Stefano decided he didn't need any box and succeeded in organising his underwear drawer pretty fine! Mind you - it's mainly socks in there, that's why it was easy! ;) 

How do you organise your drawers? Do you have any trick? If you want to share them with me, leave a comment!

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