Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Cat's Life!

Today, I have a guest on the blog!! I hope you'll find him entertaining like I do...


Hi all,

I am Mozzichino - the Cat.

I am writing here because I want to voice my disappointment about those 2 awful humans I live with!


Firstly, they keep sleeping in MY bedroom and I am forced to rest on their feet!!Can you believe that? I try to make them leave, but apparently scratching my nails on the mattress isn't bothering enough and  I am now contemplating a new plan of attack - I will let you know if it works.

This is me threatening Mum - while she takes a picture of me!

Now, let's start describing who I have the unfortunate pleasure to live with:

My mum Daniela
This is what I have to endure every day...
She is delusional... after 4 years together she still pretends to pat me and kiss me and...she wants me to even like it! 

The other day I heard her telling a story about " how Moz has missed me so much, she was following me around looking for some love"..You know the truth, right? She was going tothe kitchen and I wanted her to feed me with some ham  I don't know where she saw the "Love" she is talking about..

My dad, Stefano, is ok..I think we understand each other well.

We are mates

Sometimes he is a bit too touchy and kissy but he's the one who shares his food with me so I forgive him ( unlike that witch who never shares her food..).

Unfortunately, there is one thing dad still doesn't get: He has to stop brushing me! It always ends in a fight and I don't understand why he wants to brush me after I clearly told him not to - biting and scratching and screaming at him..one would think this is enough, but apparently the guy has some problems..

Finally, we reach a sore point...the worst thing which has ever happened to me has a name..: Canito..


What were they thinking about when they brought this smelly, licking donkey in MY house??

Stupid face

Don't get me wrong I love him very much (if you say it out loud I will deny it - and then will bite off one of your legs) but he is loud, hyper, he's stupid, always licking and, if this is not enough , he wants MY food! How dare they give him my precious and delicious ham!?!? This house is a mess!

Now, you know my story and here is my plead:

Please help me to get rid of those 3 clowns so that I can finally live peacefully and happily as I deserve!



....That little arrogant! He really thinks he is the king of the house!
What an ungrateful cat! I hope yours (if you have any) is not so presumptuous like mine ;)

Until next time,


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  1. I am a mozzichino fan, I like to listen to his stories but I am not sure I would be ready to face him...he seems a little edgy!

  2. Ma รจ stupenda! ....bellussm!

  3. Hahahah, they are both so cute!! I've never seen a kitty that color before. Is he a specific breed?

    1. It is a nice colour indeed. we don't know if he is a specific breed, a friend found him 4 years ago,in a box abandoned in a park and we decided to adopt him :)


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