Monday, April 15, 2013

Nail Polish Cabinet

Almost an year ago, I went shopping in a second hand market near my place. 

A nice lady was selling some wood furniture and I bought what looked like a spices cabinet for the kitchen.

Unfortunately I don't have any picture of the cabinet before my painting :( - but I can confirm it was a plain wooden cabinet.

What I can say is that I forgot it in my storage room for months (eh - ehm), until we moved into our new place and I didn't know where to place all my nail polish bottles! I turned around and I saw it: a perfect Nail Polish cabinet!

I didn't like the colour so much, and since I'm decorating the bathroom with white stuff, I have decided to paint it in white as well:

Since the cabinet had never been painted before, it was easy to give that antique style I wanted - without using any sanding block. 

While the cabinet was drying I started organizing my pretty nail polishes:

This is the final result:
Me likey!

I have also added some lipstick, and...

Did I say I was obsessed with owls?

I am very happy about the outcome, especially the way I organized them (by colour)

Hope I have inspired you!

Until next time,


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