Tuesday, April 9, 2013

5 Pretty Elements: The Beach

Living so close to the sea makes me spend a lot of time to the beach.

My dog Canito loves going to the beach (I'm sure that's no surprise) where he gets to run non-stop and meet new friends (He doesn't miss one dog...) so, Stefano and I often take him there.

Last Sunday we spent the day in Tarifa, a beautiful place in Southern Spain where Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean sea waters mix together.

5 things I loved about the day:

1. The view

Long and sandy beach, the sound of the waves, exceptional weather and..Canito on the horizon ;)

2. Happy faces

Hi! I'm really enjoying myself!

He greeted each and every dog he encountered on the beach, he seriously didn't miss one! 

Most of the time we had to run behind this:

Bye - Bye!

He runs so fast that he flies away!! I'll tell you a secret, my dog has super powers, as you can see here LOL ;):

Super Canito!

3. Relax

Cuddle time

It is nice to get away from routine and spend quality time in a peaceful and beautiful place like this. 
In general, the beach is the place I enjoy the most if I want to spend a nice day. I couldn't be living far away from it.

4. Healthy walks

I got to do exercise 6 out of 7 times last week!!! I still don't believe it..must be because of Spring time (and the upcoming swimsuit season...he-hem).

5. The treasures....

Oh yeah! The beach was full of these beauties! some shells were so deteriorated that the mother of pearl was the only thing left! As soon as I saw them, many craft ideas came up to my mind  - please imagine my eyes with a big DIY stamped on them - and I'm looking forward to start working on it.

How was your weekend? I hope you have spent some quality time in your favorite place, like I did!

Until next time,


  1. Great blog post!

  2. Insegnalo a Canito:


    Te ge piagerà ;)

  3. Bel post, sicuramente seguiremo spesso le avventure di Canito....meglio lui che qualcun'altro più aggressivo che ti attacca di sorpresa alle gambe!!!!!

  4. Daniela, I've been loving your blog! So, I am nominating YOU for the Liebster Award! Come over and see what your award is all about!


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