Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back Home: Holidays in Puglia!

I'm back to routine! I have spent 10 days in my hometown in South Italy..unfortunately the days passed by fast and I'm back in Spain and at work :(

I come from a small town in south Italy called Sava - Here:

We visit my place every summer because we have one of the most beautiful beach resorts in Italy! The water is warm and cristal clear and the beaches are white and sandy!

Also, food is delicious, and since Stefano and I are good gourmets, we have had loooads of food ----which reminds me: I've made the 30 days challenge but then left for Italy and gained 3 kilos..(sigh sob)

How have the holidays gone?

Well.. It's nice to be back home. As soon as we landed in Brindisi, I've realised how much I missed that beautiful piece of land. I am fine in Spain, but there's no place like home, right?

This is the beach of San Pietro in Bevagna that's where I have spent my summer days since I was a small child.. I miss it already!

Port of Otranto
This is Otranto - I have never seen another port with that clear and beautiful water...and you? Otranto also has a nice city center full of souvenir shops! I was on a shopping spree!! yay!

Stefano was pretty impressed by the Cathedral in Otranto - the cathedral has a beautiful mosaic on the floor representing the genesis but, if you walk further, you will find this:

I must admit it does looks a bit creepy..
The relics you see behind the altar belonged to 831 martyrs of Otranto who were killed in a mass execution when they refused to convert to islamism, back in 1480 when the city of otranto fell under the turkish/ottoman force.

Back to places and lands now:

Santa Maria di Leuca's Caves
Santa Maria di Leuca is located at the really last tip of Puglia, the most southern east place of Italy.

If you visit Santa Maria don't hesitate to get a trip by boat and visit its famous caves ;)  They are gorgeous!

view of Santa Maria di Leuca

I decided I want to learn old traditions of my family and region, so I can bring them with me anywhere I go.

A typical homemade pasta made in my region is orecchiette.
Granma and I
My grandmother makes the best orecchiette, and I am not saying this only becase she is my grandmother - her orecchiette are requested by a ridiculous number of people ;)

I got her to teach me how to make them - I still have to practice many years if I want to reach her perfection!

I didn't take any picture of dishes and food.......... that's because I want to prepare them myself and share the experience here on the blog :P

Until next time,

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