Sunday, June 30, 2013

La noche de San Juan + Gató di Patate

The 24th of June is Saint John day, a celebration for the solstice of June/midsummer. Here in Spain we celebrate this with fires on the beach and we call it "La noche de San Juan" (Saint John's night).

This year we celebrated it in a small town near our place, Sabinillas.

We arrived and found this huge statue on the beach:

It represents the current crisis situation Spain is living. A banker is smoking on a sofa, while on the bottom you see citizen claiming they have "no money" " no house" " no study" and one is saying " no shame!" referring to the banker (unfortunately this last one doesn't show up in the picture..)

Each town has his own statue or structure to light up, but I assume this year the argument was more or less the same in the whole Country.

We took the opportunity to arrive earlier (the fire starts at midnight) and had a pic nic on the beach

Few shots of the fire!

This weekend was not only the weekend of San Juan, but we also had the big moon remember? It was 4 times bigger than usual!

I am glad I managed to take few shots, like the following two:

PD: I have prepared a Gató di patate  (potatos cake) for the pic nic:

Click on the following image and print your recipe :)

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