Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mr. Mustache mug {DIY}

Do you remember my old Owl mug? My dear and precious DIY mug? Well..it's now broken.

I didn't want to make another one, but I had a simple black mug and the Christmas stalls for the cat shelter I support was coming, so....I decided to paint a new one :)

November was the month of Movember, and decided to dedicate my new mug to it.

This time I used a proper golden pen that paints on ceramic - I bought it in Italy this summer and paid it 1.50€ which is more or less the same price of the Sharpie..only this doesn't need to go in the oven, takes 2 days to let it dry completely and...the colour never fades!! I'm very happy with it!

I'll show you my design:

The front

The back

I used this pen twice, but this time I was a bit in a hurry and I couldn't finish the mug perfectly....

 I got the inspiration from some Mr. and Mrs. mugs I saw in a shop { but they were 8.00 pounds each....basically, 9.50 euros!!! pfff}

If you want to make a donation please visit Spanish Stray cats on Facebook! {If you don't fancy cats, please help Spanish Stray Dogs} --They all need your help!!

Do you have any expensive mug you want to make a copycat from? :)

Until next time,

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