Wednesday, December 11, 2013

15 Gift Ideas for a Merry Christmas

It's 14 days till Christmas and I still haven't bought 1 single present ---- I'm panicking!

I'm usually well organised with this, I think in advance {months and months in advance} about all the things I would like to give to my friends and family...but this year I've only figured out the present I want to give to my Mother and my in-laws {..and I'm not 100% sure about it}!

So I began my online research and I have made a list of 15 gift ideas: all under 50 €! It surely helped me, I hope it helps you as well.

Gifts under 10 €

1. A classic book is my favourite gift -  I love books and I always like to receive this gift. The book here is Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. I really like her books and I think this book would be a perfect Christmas Gift for only 8.27€.

2. For the cupcake lover! This Premier Housewares – cupcakes set (48 units)  is so Christamassy and very original!  It contains the 48 moulds and  the price is very good: 4.95 euros.

3. A super Dad could drink his coffee or tea at work in this personalised mug: Jamie Oliver - "Top Dad mug" .  If you don't know any super Dad, I think that a nice and original mug will do, for any kind of friends or family :) I personally love this one ::Stefano look here!!!:: :


Gifts under 20 €

4. Everybody knows a sportygirl or two, right? This JVC Pink headphones are the perfect gift for them! When I go to the gym I always have my Ipod with me - and this kind of headphones are perfect since you don't risk to lose them while running on the treadmill - a useful present.

5. Since my family is in Italy, I was thinking to take a nice picture of me and Stefano and give it to my mum and the in-laws for Christmas :) I know my mum would love it, I only need to find a nice frame! This Walther Home – wood frame  is simple and elegant and might be a funny idea to include 3 picture of the family with different facial expressions: funny - serious- super funny. .

6. A movie couldn't miss from the list! This movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas – Special edition  - I've chosen this one because it's Christmas, but there is long list of classic movies you could choose from.

Gifts under 30 €

7. This Dragonfly brooch with Swarovski cristals is absolutely stunning! I own so many scarves and this brooch would be the perfect accesorise.

8. PAY ATTENTION! I highly suggest you to "casually" leave the link of this pair of Sparkling Swarowsky earrings open on your husband/boyfriend/partner laptop so they can "casually" see it and eventually you can get them ;) so this item would enter in the self-bought Christmas present!

9. Do you miss the 70s? Look at this Dutch Woodstock 1970 special edition pack - it also contains a DVD! Love the artists in it!

Gifts under 40 € 

10. Isn't this the perfect present for coffee lovers? but not only! This Bosch Tassimo coffee maker also makes hot chocolates, cappuccinos and has many capsules to choose from! The price is a bargain!

11. Everybody can play at table matter the age! Risk is a classic strategy game that will entertain the whole family.  I'm not good at this game and when Stefano and I play at this, I accuse him of cheating -- and also, it is clearly evident that the dice conspire against me!

12. Perfect gift for kids (especially if you have two: kill two birds with one stone).This Ransome Sporting Goods – Junior rackets are a good starting point for a promising tennis career ;)

Gifts under 50 €

13. This Braun – hair straightener is a must have for every girl in this world {especially if you have wavy hair like me!}. This product doesn't dry your hair, and if you dye it -it's your lucky day - the heat won't make it fade :)

14. Men must own elegant and "manly" this CASIO . I bought a similar watch for a family member and I hope he found it nice and elegant as I did! {he still wears it, so it must be ok, right?}

15. I know who I could buy this Severin 0026 - Raclette Party-Grill to... seriously, you have a bbq on your dinner table and you don't even have to switch the gas or charcoal on! This is a genius idea!

I hope you'll find your inspiration...and if you have other ideas you want to share..feel free to leave a comment and I will update the post with them.

Until next time,

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