Monday, October 7, 2013

Organised places, organised minds: Walk-in closet organisation

Few weeks ago I opened my drawers on the blog {here} and today I will open the door to my walk-in closet.

My closet is nothing special, it's not big nor small but I am (now) trying to keep it organised in a different way.

Few days ago you would enter in my bedroom and be shocked by the lack of harmony in the closet - basically you would have found this:

What was the problem?  I think I have few:

1. too many clothes - some of them I didn't wear in years;
2. no organisation whatsoever;
3. laziness - always ignored the closet.

I simply couldn't stand watching at my closet anymore and I had to take action.

1st action ::declutter::

I have checked all my and Stefano's clothes and picked the items I wanted to donate. This action has filled 2 big bags of clothes.

Do the same and donate all the clothes that no longer fits or that you have not wear for a long time.

2nd action: ::seasonal clothes only::

When I swapped clothes at the beginning of this summer I had left some long sleeves shirts and jumpers because "Summer hasn't really kicked in and I will store them later".. which I didn't do and they have been in the closet for the whole summer season! It is true that summer is ending, but it is still too hot for those shirts to be there, so I moved them away and let the other clothes breathe some fresh air. If you are asking how many clothes I took out, I'll say 2 medium size boxes... This time I will really make the change when time is right!

3rd action ::hangers::

If you look around for closet organisation projects, you'll see that one of the most popular tips is too buy same kind of be honest, I had so many hangers ( some actually new) that I didn't want to spend more money on them - since I'm trying to control my spending habits, I decided to skip this tip and I simply grouped the hangers in order to give some sort of organisation:

Coloured hangers for shirts and work dresses;wood hangers for "smart" dresses and jackets.

4th action ::coloured closet::

I think that the best organised look is given when things are gathered by their colour. Obviously our clothes are not all the same colour and they probably have different shades of colours so it is not easy to gather them in one single bulk. I tried my best to make small groups with similar colours and style and hanged them together {I hope it does look organised to you as it does to me}.

5th action ::tha art of folding ::

This Ikea piece of furniture shouldn't really be there...but I bought it before moving into this house and I wasn't going to spend more money on my closet :)

I had also bought 4 ikea blue boxes and then organised the top row with baskets and paper boxes:

The blue boxes mostly contain jeans and homewear while shirts are nicely folded in the baskets.

I have used some personalised tags so Stefano knows where his staff is :), but the most important thing is folding!

If clothes are folded neatly, you will gain a lot of space. Stefano owns many sport shirts and I managed to fit them all in this pink box {he hates the colour though}:

I fold the shirt in a long band and then roll it neatly until I have a small square.

6th action :: the art of storing::

I always had problems storing belts and bracelets. I own too many -that's for sure - and I never had them stored correctly.

I have organised my bracelets in a box, and used some cartons to make the base:

Now they are perfectly organised and I can choose what to wear withouth ransacking a bag full of bracelets.

The belts are also stored in a box, but tidily folded into a box organiser:

I also need to store scarves...and they are all hanging behind the door [I have used an IKEA organiser...can you tell I love IKEA?]:

Stefano's belts are also organised in a small box {since he only owns 3 belts}:

7th action ::decor, decor, decor::

You can have the best organised room in the whole world, but it will never feel yours until you don't personalise it!

I have used our initials for my closet decor. Some time ago I bought the letter S and D and covered them with some tissue paper - I was going to buy the letter &, but then I decided to make it myself with some hayware and painted it in yellow (I already had the colour).

This is the final result:

Ta - chaaan!

How have you organised your closet? Share your tips in the comments!

Until next time,


  1. That looks so much better. I love how you organized all your jewelry! I would LOVE for you to share this at "That's My Style" Link Party TODAY (EVERY WEEKEND!) on my blog. Not comfortable sharing? Stop by anyway for beauty related post and fun DIY projects. I hope to see you there! :)

    Karla @

    1. Thank you Karla :) Will have a look at your party straight away! Have a nice day, Daniela

  2. Very nice makeover on the closet :) Visiting from Lovely Ladies Linky Party. Come visit me if you have a few minutes.

    1. Thank you Debbie! a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do, right? ;) have a nice day, Daniela


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