Friday, January 10, 2014

Ham & Cheese Muffins

Happy New Year everybody!

I can't believe my favourite holiday season is over already! My house is back to normal and all the Christmas decoration are safely stored in their boxes ( it took me an entire day to put everything back to its place though!).

I wanted to share with you the roasted loin pork I have prepared for Christmas Eve...but my laptop broke down and I am still waiting to see if my documents (and pictures) can be saved :( Such a shame!!!!

Instead, I will have to jump straight to one of the dishes I prepared the night before the 6th of January.. Who celebrates this day? If you are in Italy the "Befana" (a good old witch) will be flying over your housewith her broom to leave you sweets or, in Spain, the Three Kings will bring you many presents. I wonder if there are any other traditions for this day!

Unfortunately, I have been working on the 6th of January but I managed to prepare a cozy "welcome back" dinner since we were back from Italy ( booooh) and what's better than these salty cheese and ham muffins?

They were delicious and very easy to make, I really suggest you to try this recipe, everybody will enjoy them!


130 gr of ham (4oz) (cut into small pieces)
3 spoons of natural yoghurt
2 eggs
100gr grated cheese (3.5oz)
250gr all purpose flour (9oz)
1 spoon of butter
1 slice of cheddar or provola (cut into small pieces)
1 1/2 tea spoon of baking powder


Heat the butter in the microwave until liquid. In a bowl, mix all the liquid ingredients: eggs, butter and yoghurt. In a second bowl, mix the flour, salt, cheese and baking powder.

Now, combine the liquid mix with the content of the second bowl and add ham and cheese.

Mix everything together and fill the muffin cases accordingly (I only had cupcake ones, but I managed well..I think).

I wasn't able to find my muffin tray! I have no idea where I stored it before leaving for holidays...will find it one day :) for these ham&cheese muffins I used 2 cases each, to make them more resistent.

Bake the muffins in a pre-heated oven at 180C/356F for 25/30 minutes..

Let them cool down before you peel the case off..and ENJOY!

Have a great weekend!

Until next time,

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